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Q: If I am paying my membership dues by check, where do I mail the check?

Pam Parker

1107 Edgevale Rd.

Silver Spring, MD 20910

Q: What if I have problems with my application or information within my application and I want to change it, but can't?

A: Existing, approved members should be apple to update their profiles at any time by logging into their accounts.   Please see the Technical Guide for more help, or contact the LDG Membership Coordinator at the below email address.   For new members, you won't be able to change your profile information or the information you put into your application until you become a fully approved member.  You may have to wait up to 48 business hours for approval. Once approved, you will be able to sign in to your account and then change your profile. Look for "View Profile" in the top right corner once you have signed in and then you will see the buttons to edit your profile.  If you have tried this and you still cannot make the changes you need, please contact the LDG Membership Coordinator at

Q: How do I change my privacy settings, so that more of my information is viewable to the public OR less of my information is viewable to the public?

A: Please download the following .pdf file for instructions on how to change your privacy settings: LDG Privacy.pdf

Q: When I received my membership confirmation email, it said I was a member since 2010, but I have been an LDG member for many years - at the end of the membership application, I entered the year that I joined LDG. Why does it show 2010?  

A: The year posted in the membership confirmation email is the date in which you joined LDG electronically. It is only seen by you. You were given the opportunity to enter the year you joined LDG and that will show up in the LDG directory. No one will ever see the date you joined LDG electronically. Also note that LDG has not kept records of when you joined LDG, so you will have to input that information yourself.

Q: When I signed up for LDG and typed in my password, it showed up when I typed, there was no **** that I usually see. Will anyone be able to see my password - even the administrators of the site?

A: This site is a computer generated membership site and LDG cannot control this part of it. However, no one else will be able to see your password, including the website administrators.

Q: If I have concerns or questions related my LDG membership, who do I contact?

A: Please contact the MEMBERSHIP COORDINATOR at; this includes requests to change any information in your profile.

 Q: If I have concerns or questions about this website or the LDG website, who do I contact.

A: Please contact the WEBMASTER at

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